Shopping for Christmas 2016 starts now!


Shopping for gifts for loved ones during festive seasons can be a tricky affair. What we would recommend doing is for you to constantly find out what they might like months in advance and pick up great bargains during sales and closeouts. There isn’t a best way or best site to visit, but making a wishlist can come in very handy.

You can use dropbox or other basic note taking on your smartphone and just have a list of the names of people you would like to give presents to and then following that, just put some basic descriptions like:

Barbara – loves surprise eggs, maybe a giant surprise egg would make a good one.
Tim – He got a new car recently, latest high-tech car wax for him would be an excellent choice?
Mikey – Really active in church work now, I think some sort of tee shirt with bible verses would be great!

The idea is that good presents make good memories and bad/mediocre presents, are simply forgettable and don’t do much at all. If you can’t think of a good gift, perhaps a card in the mail would do much better than a generic gift.

Of course, there are always times when modest budgets are the rule and you can pick up some great deals when you buy certain items in bulk. These do great with giving out “i appreciate all you’ve done” type of gifts to participants of a community, like an outreach program. You can go the “branding” route and just do some customized prints on mugs or cool desktop stationery which are available on corporate gift sites. These can range from highlighter markers or rules with fun motifs on them.

For a some good ideas, you can always use the “time-machine” method, which I am pretty fond of, you think of a loved one, and how they may have always loved something while growing up, this could be a TV program, a certain toy or music track. Then you go and hunt down either a vintage item or a new modern version of that same item and tell them “I never forgot how you always enjoyed playing with the toy soldier but you kept losing one, so here’s a big one that you will never lose!”

These are all some ideas you can use to make a great memory and I hope you had fun reading as much as I enjoyed writing this.